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How do I dispose of my old garage door?

The first thing that you can consider is recycling. We can advise on that and our information will be based on the type of material that was originally used. Normally, wood is a great option because it can be used for a variety of purposes thus saving costs and time.

What is headroom and how much do I need?

The headroom is the space between the ceiling and the top part of the garage door. This is an important consideration as there are objects that may be placed there required for the proper operation of the door, such as the garage door motor and springs. Consult a professional to determine how much headroom is required for the type of garage door you have.

Is it better to have one garage door spring or two?

It is best to have two smaller springs on your garage door, instead of having one with .250 wire or bigger. This is because having the latter may cause you problems in the future, including damaged steels and broken cables.

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